I'm happy to announce the release of !gnusocial 1.20.x :)

The minimum PHP version to run GNU social is now 7.0.0.

Major changes from previous release:

- Various patches on PEAR related components
- Various database related improvements
- Improved XMPP support
- Added Nodeinfo support (thanks @chimo)
- Various i18n and l10n bug fixes
- Improvements on Internal Session Handler (thanks @XRevan86)
- Improvements on OpenID support (thanks @tenma)
- Improved Media handling and safer upload (thanks @biodan)
- Redirect to previous page after login (thanks @tenma)
- Initial work on full conversion to PHP7
- Initial work on a better documentation
- Allow login with email (thanks @dansup)

More about it at https://notabug.org/diogo/gnu-social
cc: @mmn-o

Yeah... Are you GNUsocialists-devs willing to tell us more about what v1.20 brings us on our beloved chat tools? In terms of features...what do you mean by «Improved support»

@xrevan86 @tenma @biodan @chimo @mmn @dansup

Unfortunately the news related to XMPP aren't that huge...

> Improved XMPP support
Just really means that the support of the XMPP protocol was improved. There are no new functionalities just yet (but there is this open RFC: https://notabug.org/diogo/gnu-social/issues/21 ).

Key changes are:

XMPPHP library modernization: https://notabug.org/diogo/gnu-social/commit/3290227b50582ed29790f0bb10210362ca2f4093

XMPP Plugin faulty regex bug fix: https://notabug.org/diogo/gnu-social/commit/e0887220b0ac97a7abce1e70652c6727c16cfe3d

@ingoberlab @diogo @xrevan86 @tenma @biodan @chimo @mmn @dansup

Is there any update in the way of economically supporting the #GNUsocial development? Thx!!

Well, if you're interested in economically supporting my efforts in GS, I have a paypal account (my_first_name@fc.up.pt) - where my_first_name = diogo

I guess it would be better if I could point a bitcoin address or so, but I don't really know how those work and as so I don't have one. I also don't have a patreon or liberapay account.

Thanks for your interest! :)
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