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«Auto mount (autofs) sshfs access» | System Administration and Architecture Blog

... You should now be access the remote machine as if it was part of your local filesystem

«Lo que nadie se atreve a decir del » – Javier Caravaca

Los virus van a estar ahí esperándonos en la calle toda la vida, y son muchísimos. ¿Nadie se da cuenta de la estupidez?

Ruby on Rails | A web-application framework that includes everything needed to create database-backed web applications according to the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern.

Optimizing for programmer happiness with Convention over Configuration is how we roll. Ruby on Rails has been popularizing both concepts along with a variety of other controversial points since the beginning.

Backing up DokuWiki to GitHub

DokuWiki is a simple wiki that stores it’s data in plaintext files instead of a database. It’s an ideal tool for internal documentation, especially since it can be easily configured to authenticate against Active Directory, and use ACLs to controll access to wiki sections.




free tools for free media.
free as in speech, free as in software.

Por aquí, todas contagiadas con el mierdabicho ese y teletrabajando a tope. Hierba de la buena, Coronitas y besuqueo. Si hay que palmar, se palpa contentas 🤣

Pinboard: social bookmarking for introverts

Pinboard is a fast, no-nonsense bookmarking site for people who value privacy and speed.
There are no ads and no third-party tracking. You pay a few bucks a year, and that's it.
Pinboard lets you bookmark from any browser, connect up to three Twitter accounts (and favorites), and sync with popular services like Instapaper or Pocket

La app de mensajería - Delta Chat

«Delta Chat es como Telegram o Whatsapp pero sin el rastreo o el control central. Delta Chat no necesita tu número de teléfono [..]...»


FOSDEM 2020 - Reinventing Home Directories

Let's bring the UNIX concept of Home Directories into the 21st century

«[..] Red Hat is the second largest corporate contributor to the kernel version 4.14 after Intel [..] »

cityofchattanooga/Bicycle-Parking: Bicycle Parking Locations in the City of Chattanooga

Chattanooogan's loves their bikes and their technology so why not mash these two up. The City of Chattanooga is posting locations of known bicycle parking facilities within the city on Github for anyone to update.

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