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Que gran cosa del y de Mastodon en particular que tenger opción para exportar todos los datos y el historial de tu cuenta. Sabéis si hay posibilidad de hacer algo similar en ?

¿Qué podemos hacer los hombres para apoyar la huelga feminista del 8 de Marzo? - La Ingobernable

Encuentro para compartir las experiencias del 8M18 y enfoque para el .

Cuándo: Jueves 31 de enero 2019, 19:30

cc @zorrasbinarias

Hoy os comparto una entrada que llevaba mucho tiempo en el horno "La tragedia de los cuidados"
Centrada en los #cuidados y los #colectivos. Es algo que tenía ganas de compartir!

... a tenor de los videos de las charlas, estaría lleno de portátiles Mac el ?

Vous avez eu peur de la neige ? Vous n'aimez pas les gaufres et le chocolat ? Vous n'êtes donc pas à Bruxelles pour le #FOSDEM ? Mais tout est en ligne :

That's what happens when social networks are made by big corporations ... ¿ rather than a community ?

« Shutting down Google+ for consumer (personal) accounts on April 2, 2019 » - Google+ Help

Lots of people weren't around for when the fediverse was at its first peak at around 2010-2011. Google Plus swept in and plenty of people quit the fediverse saying "Google will do a better job keeping this running than independent sites can." For this and some other reasons, for some time the fediverse was a ghost town.

Let's not forget that next time.

Google is shutting down Google Plus in just a couple of months from now.

In the meanwhile I know of people desperately trying to pull their G+ data out of Google Takeout and it isn't working.

I feel like the lessons of this speak for themselves?

I'm just gonna put it out there: if you decide to run a federated social media server of any kind, strongly consider keeping it invite only and capping its size from the beginning. If your server has fewer than 100 active people on it and you have some level of trust or shared values, then moderation is a single person task that you as the admin can handle. At least in my experience.

I'm considering writing a "how to run a nice little community in the fediverse" guide with some best practices.

“Así me ‘hackeo’ el móvil para que no me rastreen” (y no es para tanto)

"What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make." - Jane Goodall

Que te parece el caso de la "propiedad intelectual" de este algoritmo de compresión , @pietrelinux : ?

« Jarek Duda on software patents »

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