Backing up DokuWiki to GitHub

DokuWiki is a simple wiki that stores it’s data in plaintext files instead of a database. It’s an ideal tool for internal documentation, especially since it can be easily configured to authenticate against Active Directory, and use ACLs to controll access to wiki sections.

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@jordila and why github exactly? Local or remote git is not good enough? Or backing up the documentation with rsync or borgbackup? Hello??? Stop using unknown cloud solutions for your documentation, if it's private keep it private, otherwise, expose a public service, LetsEncrypt is your friend, is another friend.

@jordila what i've meant about "unknown cloud solutions" is that the actual "solutions" is to host it on their whatever server of the millions they have, and wtf! Github it's microsoft, they don't deserve to host everyone else's so important code/documentation. Fuck them, actually, fuck microsoft.

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